Приклад перекладу атестата

School Leaving Certificate

The attached certificate is issued to Ivaniv Ivan Ivanovych, born in the city of Lviv on November 2, 2000 to certify that he completed a course of study at school no. 28 in the city of Lviv (where several subjects were taught in English) and with exemplary conduct achieved the following grades in the subjects listed:

Algebra 6 (fair, satisfactory)
Geometry 8 (good)
Ukrainian language 11 (excellent)

In addition, he successfully completed courses in drawing and mathematical analysis.

Director of the school [signature]

Director of studies [signature]

Stamp (seal)

June 27, 2018

City of Lviv

I certify this to be an accurate translation of the atestat.

Foreign Language Department of Lviv National University