Ways Not to Get Funded

  1. Fail to read this list.
  2. Mis-spell funder’s name.
  3. Look sloppy in your approach.
  4. Assume you’re «owed» funding.
  5. Make unreasonable time demands.
  6. Be bland: become the lowest common denominator.
  7. Focus only on raising money, not resources.
  8. Try to scare the donor into giving.
  9. Try to make the potential donor feel guilty.
  10. Assume your funders don’t know what you’re really doing.
  11. Don’t know your own facts.
  12. Try to con your funder.
  13. Don’t do your homework about them.
  14. Forget to ask for the money.
  15. Beg.
  16. Be late for your appointment.
  17. Drone on beyond your allotted time.
  18. Ask after funding decisions are made.
  19. Ask someone who can’t make the decision.
  20. Ask for the wrong thing.
  21. Chew gum.
  22. Send someone who has lost faith in your cause.

© 1987. McCurley & Vineyard. 101 Ways