Following services are provided by Osvita Educational Advising Center :

For visitors:

  • information on U.S. system of higher education and process of university/college admission;
  • information about scholarship opportunities from colleges, universities, international institutions, and private foundations;
  • access to databases on colleges, universities and program in the United States, Canada,and other countries;
  • searching the courses or study programs in the U.S. colleges or universities;
  • information about upcoming conferences, seminars, summer schools;
  • various scholarship and grant programs in Europe, USA, and Canada;
  • registration bulletins for the standardized tests;
  • administration of the TOEFL® iBT and GRE® tests;
  • assistance in registration for standardized tests;
  • test preparation materials for TOEFL®, IELTS, SAT, ACT, GRE®, GMAT, LSAT, MCAT;
  • catalogs of U.S. universities, colleges and programs;
  • CD-ROM collection with study and presentation contents;
  • video tapes with presentation films;
  • library collections with books, catalogs and guides on study abroad-related topics;
  • group presentations and individual consultations on study-abroad-related topics;
  • lectures, seminars;
  • Internet and e-mail access.

For foreign universities and educational agencies:

  • verification of diplomas and transcripts issued by Ukrainian schools and universities;
  • verification of accreditation of Ukrainian institutions of higher education by Ukrainian Ministry of Education and Science
  • placing of ads in local media;
  • airport pick-up;
  • assistance with domestic flights ticket reservations;
  • assistance in accommodation in hotels in Lviv;
  • assistance in organization of recruitment trips;
  • assistance in establishing partnership relations with Ukrainian universities and educational institutions;
  • information about Ukrainian system of higher education.

Please contact us for the details.