Як отримати студентську візу США (англійською)

The first step in applying for a student visa is obtaining an I-20 form from the university or college you would like to attend. You cannot obtain the student visa if you have not received the I-20 form from the institution you have applied to. However getting form I-20 is not a guarantee for the visa. Your ability to get the visa depends essentially on the validity and the credibility of the file you present.

The file

  1. A student visa form appropriately filled out together with a passport photo and $160 (visa application fee),
  2. A valid I-20,
  3. A SEVIS payment receipt,
  4. Original copies of diplomas, transcripts, and other testimonials and certificates, including the high school diploma and anything received afterwards,
  5. All financial documents showing that your sponsor is capable of supporting all of your academic needs:
    1. a bank testimonial of financial support,
    2. a bank account statement for the last six months,
    3. a testimonial of support listing all personal properties and real estate generating funds,
    4. land titles,
    5. authorizations,
    6. salary sheets,
    7. any legal document that proves your personal commitment to return home at the end of your studies.

Serious student

A serious student should be able to produce his/her academic credentials and objectives. He/she must be capable of presenting his/her baccalaureate diploma, bachelorт€™s degree, masterт€™s degree or their equivalents, transcripts, attendance certificates, and documentation on any other studies he/she has completed: university studies, language or computer training or refresher courses, internships, etc. These are the only proof of his/her commitment to continue with higher education.

Priority is given to those who have made the effort to study English in one of the specialized centers in Togo and have taken the TOEFL® test. Taking other tests like the SAT, the GRE®, or the GMAT is a tremendous advantage. Priority is given to those who have been accepted in bachelor, master, or doctorate degree programs. The student visa applicant must be prepared to discuss his/her study plans and objectives when he/she returns to Ukraine.

Adequate financial support

The student must prove that his /her sponsor is capable of paying for all his/her academic program, and that there is assurance that lack of financial resources will not interrupt his/her studies and force him /her to work illegally. He/she must show solid evidence of the existence of:

  1. The money necessary to pay for the first academic year;


  1. A plan for financing the subsequent years.

Priority is given to students sponsored by their own parents rather than other acquaintances because stronger ties exist between students and their own parents, who can consequently be more trusted to follow through with the support. The proof of financial support has to be the statement of a personal bank account. The statement of a company account is not appropriate because this type of money cannot normally be spent for personal use.

Students have a greater chance to obtain the visa if their parents can prove the source of their financial support and the amount of their income.

  1. How much they earn in a year and the source of each income;


  1. If they have enough money to take of the rest of the family and pay for their childт€™s studies in the States.

In addition to the statement of a bank account for the last six months, the student must present documents that show the origin of all his/her financial resources.

Develop a study plan

To develop a study plan that fulfills the requirement of a student visa application, the candidate may take advantage of the educational advising services available at the American Cultural Center of Lome. He/she may:

  1. Participate in the initial orientation session,
  2. Make use of the bibliographic resources on studies in the US available at the ACC (guides, references, specialized books, and websites specially conceived to help foreign students get admitted to American universities),
  3. Arrange an appointment to meet with the Educational Advisor,
  4. Select his/her institutions in collaboration with the Educational Advisor,
  5. Present his/her file to the Educational Advisor for a check-up,
  6. Arrange a date for the visa interview six weeks at least before the school date on the I-20,
  7. Present all his documents to the Educational Advisor for a final check-up at least two weeks before the date of his/her visa interview.

Applying for a student visa is a long process. That is why students must begin the preparation early, allowing themselves enough time to look for information, institutions, and financial support. Trying to contravene some of the conditions required for admission to US institutions is a mistake that can ruin all your efforts and your ability to obtain the visa.

Do you really want to study in the United-States? Take nothing for granted. Come and see us at the Educational Advising Center at least 12 months before the next academic year in the U.S. We are capable of providing you with the information and the documentation you need to be on the right track.