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The project is aimed at bringing synergies between formal, non-formal and informal learning provided through formal system of education and youth work. The both spheres are working towards development of the key competences of young people, although often they act as competitors and the methods they use do not complement each other. The Ukrainian school faces a challenge of competences development, particularly for democratic citizenship and it is mostly carried by non-governmental organisations and youth workers in the context not related to school. Youth organisations alone don't have enough strength and capacities to influence the situation and ensure permeability of informal and non-formal learning with formal education pathways. So, the main problem the project intends to solve is a lack of synergies between formal, informal and informal learning in Ukraine and low level of cooperation between formal system of education and youth work. The second problem to be addressed is the lack of education for democratic citizenship for young people. The first problem was selected as this is the primary issue for further validation of non-formal and informal learning and its permeability with formal education pathways. The second problem should be gradually solved as young people don't have many chances to develop competences necessary for democratic life and further employability.

The project will address the reasons of both problems, namely the lack of capacities of youth workers, working in youth organisations and youth centres, social pedagogues and teachers to design synergy programmes for developing the key competences, particularly, interpersonal, intercultural and social competences and civic competence; entrepreneurship competence and learning to learn competence. The project will also create networking opportunities for youth workers and social pedagogues within Ukraine and between participating countries.

These needs were identified during implementation of several projects in Ukraine. Particularly, since 2016 the members of the applicant organisations are involved into implementation of the National Programme “Schools for Democracy” funded by the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and administered by the European Wergeland Centre. The Programme is aimed at introduction of education for democratic citizenship and human rights education in Ukraine. One of the element of the Programme foresees cooperation of schools and communities, particularly with youth organisations. By this time, we have already worked with 70 schools and communities and the regular feedback we receive from the schools and youth organisations is that they don't know how to work together and what could be the ways of cooperation between them. Schools and youth NGOs don't have capacity to develop educational programmes complementing each other and bringing synergies between formal education and youth work.

The main target groups of the project are youth workers and representatives of youth organisations providing educational activities for young people aged 13-19, school teachers, particularly those responcible for extra curriculum and social activities. The project will also target school administrations and public officials responsible for youth and education.

All the partners involved into the project have as their priorities development of citizenship education through fostering youth participation, intercultural learning and human rights education.

 30 youth workers and teachers took part in the mobility activities - job-shadowings in Poland and Slovakia at the Partner organisations:


1st job shadowing (14.05-27.05.2018)

  • Nyshta Nataliya (Lviv, teacher)
  • Stepanets Larysa (Vinnytsa, youth worker)
  • Slobodyan Olga (Ternopil, teacher)

2nd job shadowing (28.05-10.06.2018)

  • Minchenko Svitlana (Ternopil,teacher)
  • Dyachok Oksana (Khmelnytskyi, teacher)
  • Pavlushenko Kateryna (Kremenchuk,teacher)
  • Kutynec Sergiy (Zaliznytsa, teacher)
  • Sahno Oksana (Lviv, teacher)

3d job shadowing (27.09-14.10.2018)

  • Nevierova Yuliia (Myrhorod, youth worker)
  • Poltavska Daria (Myrhorod, teacher)

4th job shadowing (03.12-16.12.2018)

  • Zaluzhnyy Andriy (Lviv, teacher)
  • Melnyk Andriy (Lutsk, teacher)
  • Romanyuk Yana (Lutsk, youth worker)
  • Gontarenko Viktoria (Konstiantynivka, youth worker)
  • Kushnirenko Ivan (Vasylkiv, youth worker)
  • Chervyakova Oksana (Zolotonosha, teacher/youth worker)


1st job shadowing (14.05-27.05.2018)

  • Kostiuk Vitaliy (Kolomyia, teacher)
  • Piddubrivna Mariya (Kolomyia, teacher)
  • Sipeev Viktor (Vinnytsa, youth worker)
  • Bohdan Nataliya (Kyiv, youth worker)

2nd job shadowing (25.06-08.07.2018)

  • Ashortia Jevgen (Kharkiv, teacher)
  • Lisnyak Anatoliy (Kharkiv, teacher)
  • Kydora Oksana (Uzhhorod, teacher)
  • Libra Mariana (Uzhorod, youth worker)

3d job shadowing (12.11-25.11.2018)

  • Stozka Oksana (Dniprovokamianka, teacher)
  • Milinchuk Svitlana (Lutsk, youth worker)

4th job shadowing (24.02-13.03.2019)

  • Arabadzhy Svitlana (Mariupol, teacher/youth worker)
  • Gochoshvili Inna (Kramatorsk, teacher)
  • Salivonchyk Oksana (Rivne, youth worker)
  • Polivchak Oksana (Zhydachiv, youth worker)

The lists of participants of all Project events:

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