Non-formal school in Slovak mountains

Oksana Stozhka, participant of the job-shadowing shares her first impressions of working at RCM Kosice (Slovakia) within the EU Erasmus+ Youth funded project "Development of competences for Democratic citizenship through formal, non-formal and informal learning"

"Our job shadowing in Slovakia is organised by the Educational Initiatives Center. 

Today we visited an unusual school in the mountains called "School in nature", but it reminds me a training center. The closest shop is 4 km away, quiet nature around. Different schools of Kosice region delegate their students for 3-4 days trainings in "School in nature". The training modules address topics as: teenage violence, human rights, media literacy, critical thinking, tolerance, democracy, friendliness, volunteering.

  • Each module is conducted by a new trainer(s).
  • Teenagers stay at this school (eating, sleeping, relaxing in nature) during all these days.
  • When we entered the training room, no one paid attention to us, the students continued to work.
  • The authority of the Kosice region is in charge of this school. There are various trainings for teenagers throughout the year
  • Happy children are revealed during such exercises, smiles do not come off their faces. We stayed at this school for the whole day.
  • When we were going to go, the students worked on creating social videos on the topics of xenophobia, racism, social inequality.

To sum up, I would like to add that this country pays a lot of attention to the quality development of young people combining formal and non-formal learning

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