Job shadowing participant in Kosice shares her impressions

Participants of Job-shadowing in Partner organisation - Regional Youth Center in Kosice - share their impressions. The job-shadowing is a part of an Erasmus + Youth Programme of the European Union 

Oksana Polivchak, Director of the Center for Creativity in Zhidachiv:

Oksana Kosice"Very often I use my vacations to participate in various projects with the purpose to improve my professional skills. This is always a great opportunity for new ideas and a vivid experience. So I took the opportunity to take the job-shadowing in the organisation similar to mine, offered by the EU Erasmus + project "Development of competences for Democratic citizenship through formal, non-formal and informal learning"  at RCM (Regional Youth Center) in Kosice (Slovakia). T
It's been the first week of our job-shadowing. And these are short "napkin" notes:
There are 179 creative workshops in the center !! WoW!!! they are not located in the same premice .. therefore we haven't seen everything yet)))
The responsibilities of the center's employees include working with students 'and students' self-government. There is a law in Slovakia that regulates the work of youth councils !Wow!.
We have attended environmental education and financial literacy workshops. And have already started saving 1 euro for the next internship?????
And a small jackpot for us))) .. The Summit of 9 Presidents of the Baltic states, Neighboring countries and with participation of NATO Secretary was held in Kosice yesterday. We will now bring this "impression-"virus" of democracy" home))) ..."
PS. Here are few photos from the Regional Youth Centre of Kosice.

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