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A city that believes in the synergy of formal and non-formal education

Melitopol, Zaporizhzhia region

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The city of Melitopol is known in Ukraine as a city of tasty cherries, but recently this city can be considered a model city for the successful combination of formal and non-formal education institutions for youth development. In this city of 150,000 people the youth centre is open for young people 24/7; this is the first youth space working 24/7 in Ukraine. Tetiana Nesvat, Deputy Head of Youth and Sports Department of Melitopol City Council explains that in this space young people can both study and spend their free time.

The city's education community is striving for change for the better, but acknowledges that, unfortunately, school teachers do not have all the tools they need to make the school successful and to involve the entire school community in democratic change. Therefore, Melitopol schools are actively seeking opportunities to work with NGOs, projects and programs. According to the Head of the School No 23 Olena Tiurina, the fact that her school participates in trainings, learns from non-governmental organizations, is very positive. "This has increased the initiative of all education process stakeholders - parents, students, and teachers."

Head of the School No 8 Olena Zameniahre confirms that participating in projects with non-governmental organizations opens up new opportunities for the school. Teachers began to use interactive methods, organize non-formal activities for students in the after-school hours. Extra-curricular clubs were opened and cooperation with the Ukrainian scout organization was established.

Such actions by school administrations and teachers bring parents closer to school. They set up NGOs to suport schools. And the schools themselves become the real centers of community life in their neighborhoods.

All in all, the collaborative effort and synergy of formal and non-formal education creates a school where students love to learn, feel their influence - and see an opportunity for further development.

We hope that this positive example of synergy at the local level will serve as inspiration for other cities, towns and communities of Ukraine.

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