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Success stories

Myrhorod: learning through community assistance

Myrhorod, Poltava region

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Myrhorod school Helikon is known in its hometown for having an open and democratic atmosphere. The school lives in accordance with the idea "There are no bad students, there are almost no bad teachers: there are outdated teaching methods". The school staff is constantly on the lookout for learning approaches that will be appropriate and interesting for their students.

The whole team of Helikon School teachers applied to the creative workshop of the program "Increasing the competences of democratic citizenship through formal, non-formal and informal education". During the 4-day worksop in Lviv (June 2019), they practiced their skills to develop education activities and projects.

One of the projects that was subsequently implemented by the students of the school with the support of the local community was called  "QR code as a historical business card of the city".

The aim of the project is to install QR code information boards on the historic sites, which would lead to information on the landmark. In 2018, the project interested the competition jury, as the school applied for the competition of community projects "The City of Active Citizens", but did not win. In September 2019, the revised and imroved project received support and its implementation started.

In the course of its implementation, students, under the guidance of history teacher Oksana Kulyk, collected and processed information about historical sites and interesting places of their hometown. Although a lot of tourists come to the city and Myrhorod is rich in landmarks, yet information about them has to be searched in different sources, and at times it is outdated or untrue. Thus, students have acquired new knowledge of their hometown, developed research, communication and information technology skills, as well as civic and social competences. After all, this project is aimed primarily at the city community.

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