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Development of democratic citizenship in Ivano-Frankivsk region

Pyadyky Stepan Melnychuk Lyceum in Ivano-Frankivsk region demonstrates what can be achieved by uniting a school community around the common goal. A goal was to change an institution from the inside by creating a democratic environment, developing civic and social competences not only for the school youth, but also for parents and teachers. Vitaliy Kostyuk, director of the lyceum, and Maria Piddubrivna, teacher-organiser and youth worker, participated in job shadowing at Regional Youth Center in Kosice (Slovakia), within the Erasmus+ programme. Together with other teachers for the third year they are actively participating in activities of the "Schools for Democracy" programme. By their own example they inspire others to take an advantages of formal and non-formal education synergy for the development of democratic citizenship.

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Video was created as part of the project "Development of competences for Democratic citizenship through formal, non-formal and informal learning". Partners of the project: Charity organisation Center for Educational Initiatives (Lviv, Ukraine), Civis Polonus Foundation (Warsaw, Poland) and Regional youth centre (Kosice, Slovakia) funded by Erasmus+ programme of European Union. The project executives are grateful for cooperation the European Wergeland Centre (Oslo, Norway).

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